Good morning Dear readers,
those of you tuned in to Indian radios or newspapers may have already realized that Asaram Bapu has begun to get a huge flow of public replies for his opinion on the Delhi gang rape case.
As I said in my previous blog, he had said that Nirbhaya ( the gang rape victim who died last week in Singapore , whose name has now been allowed to be used in articles) had an equal fault in the rape, he also added on that she could have evaded rape and death if she had kindly requested of them to stop…. He also had said that you can’t clap with just 1 hand which doesn’t make any sense in the context of rape….
I am proud that I stood up and pointed out his senseless blabber in the previous blog and I am glad that it has now become a national issue, such people should be taught what to talk and when.
For those of you who are interested in reading the entire article online about the public outrage against Asaram Bapu , read it here :
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Good evening Dear readers….,
Yes, it’s yet another post on the Delhi rape case….
This time , it’s gone to new extremes.
A self proclaimed Godman spoke in support of the culprits of the atrocious gang rape case that took place in Delhi last month.
Swami Asaram Bapu , as he calls himself said that the crime must not be completely blamed on the culprits…. He adds on that if she would have kindly asked them,” brothers, please stop”. They would have stopped….. Not to be rude but HOW IN THE WORLD can she refer to rapists who are gang raping her as brothers….. Mr.Asaram Bapu, I kindly ask of you to consider yourself in her place and tell me how you would have reacted.?
But that’s not it, he also quotes, “You cannot clap with just 1 hand”…..
Wait a second…. How can u relate to this quote? Are you trying to imply that she let them rape her without any opposition and played along as the other hand helping to “clap”?
Dear Asaram Bapu, please do enlighten me on this doubt of mine, as I don’t seem to find any traces of common sense in it…. 😛
These kind of talks on such serious incidents are making such a serious matter sound like a joke….
Dear God, I pray to you to put some common sense into the heads of the common human being and the government of india. The court hearing on the Delhi gang rape case began today, Jan 7th 2012…. I wish that the spirit of the girl gets the justice it deserves and that the culprits are punished rightfully according to their crime…..
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2nd blog of the day,
Hello Dear Readers….
I have good news, Finally a part of india has decided to take a step forward by introducing gender studies in schools to encourage behavior towards women ….. I had posted previously on parents taking action to teach children to behave , but now along with teachers doing their part in teaching children how to respect women and behave….. It’s a great step ahead…..
I hope the government makes it a compulsory subject for all . It will prevent needless mishaps later on in their lives.
For all of you interested In reading the entire article , follow this link .
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Good Morning Dear readers,
Yet another rape related headline on the front page of THE TIMES OF INDIA….. This one hurt me more than any other I’ve ever read…. A 17 year old Scheduled Caste boy rapes a 6year old minor brutally, kills her, chops her into pieces and dumps the pieces in separate public toilets….
Well this has gone way too far now…. The least we can expect for justice for the girl is death penalty , but india has now become the #1 in criminal service….. They served Ajmal Kasab for a full term of 4 years and spent crores and crores of rupees on his security and protection and services while 65% of the Indian population lives in extreme poverty…… The rape culprit has escaped death penalty by appealing to juvenile court….. WHATTT..??? And WHY? Because india has given extra opportunities to SCs and STs and OBCs and so on and so forth…..
I am starting to completely lose hope on all jurisdictional authorities , there hasn’t been a single right immediate decision they’ve made in years…..
Things would be much better if the government which is said to be BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE…. was actually governed by the people…..
My heart snaps in half when I read the news while my brains refuse to believe that the world has become like this….
This is what we know as the end of humanity as we all see, humans have become savage beasts who ruin, ravage and destroy each others lives instead of living in harmony…. They have forgotten their true identity in god and that they were made in God’s own image…..
I hope all of us come to this decision to live as a true human made in God’s own image and to live a righteous life and make the world a much safer place to live in, where women need not fear of walking alone and a place where every human helps one another to live a peaceful and harmonious life…. Thank you for reading and being a part of an awakening world…. God Bless, Sathya.J

For those of you who are interested in reading the detailed news from The Times Of India Online , follow this link:


Good Evening dear readers,
I know it is surprising that this is my 3rd post of the day but this has gone too far.
Yet another gang rape, and to make matters worse, the victim was killed.
I just can’t take this anymore….. Just what is the point in so many gang rape cases being reported when the government has failed to take any action on the culprits?
After reading the news on The Times Of India , I read this article and it just went too far…. And I snapped , This Is It…. We need to take this seriously,

in 1950 for every 1000 males there were 996 females but now as of the latest census , it’s just 914…

Why? Because there has been a massive gendercide from the turn of the second millennia … Ranging from dumping of female fetuses to savage gang rapes and ill treatment of women….
Men need to be taught their limits …. I was seeing a couple of pictures of the women protesters in Delhi and one of them held out a banner , the words on the banner struck me hard and sent me thinking….. It said “DON’T TELL YOUR DAUGHTER NOT TO GO OUT, TEACH YOUR SON HOW TO BEHAVE”.
What I am trying to imply through this message is to all the parents with young children, “Correct them while they’re still young, you may think that they need to learn on their own but I am telling you, this generation won’t , strict parenting is for their own good and although they may not understand it now, they will later on and will be indebted to you….
That’s all I have for all of you today… I hope this message stirred something within you.
For those of you who want to read the TOI report from the newspaper, you can below:

21-year-old ‘raped’, murdered in Noida
Purusharth Aradhak & Aniruddha Ghosal, | 2013-01-06 01:16:00 +0000
NOIDA: A 21-year-old girl was allegedly raped and then murdered. Her semi-clothed body was found in Sector 63 on Saturday morning after she went missing on Friday while returning from work. Police said the initial post mortem report has been inconclusive of rape so they have preserved the viscera for further examination. An FIR under Section 376 of IPC has been registered.

The girl had been working in a garment export company as a seamstress for the last two-and-a-half months. Cops said the girl worked between 9am and 9pm and normally carried her cell phone, but didn’t on the night of her murder. “The phone had run out of charge when she was going to work on Friday morning. She left it plugged in at home,” said a senior police officer.

Cops said she would usually take an auto between home and work. “But there was a 1km stretch that she regularly walked between her home and the auto stand,” police said. Records at the garment company show the girl checked out at 8.55pm on Friday, but she never reached home.

The girl’s family has alleged that police were initially unwilling to help them. “When she did not return, we went to the Sector 60 police chowki. Cops told us to go back saying that she would eventually return,” said the girl’s father.

Fifteen minutes after the girl’s family was turned away, police received information that the body of a girl has been found in the area. “There were marks of struggle on the girl’s face,” said a cop. After the family came to know of the girl’s death, they protested at the police station. Additional cops had to be stationed there so that no violence erupted.

Late at night, family members protested against the rape and inaction of the police on the NH-24 near Model Town area causing a traffic gridlock. “A case has been registered and further investigation is on,” said SSP Praveen Kumar. Police have detained two youths, one of them reportedly her boyfriend, for interrogation.

-Sathya .J


Hello everyone, second blog of the day yet again on Indian issues…..
Following the Delhi gang rape incident, the educational board of Pondicherry has made “Overcoats”, mandatory and compulsory in all schools to avoid overexposure leading to men getting the urge to indulge in these acts…… How in the world is an overcoat going to protect a girl from rape ??? It is just stupid of these people to make these decisions and I am not surprised because most of these officials are men!!! NO WONDER…. cuz no woman would f*ck up things this bad…..
This is not fair at all to make male officials make decisions for teenage girls. Shouldn’t the teenagers give their opinion …. Does their say matter at all? This is just disturbing, in my opinion , the government must correct the men before making decisions for teenage girls….
Below is an excerpt from TOI online…. Times Of India.

To fight rapes, Pondy to put girls in overcoats Bosco Dominique, | 2013-01-06 01:16:00 +0000The decision drew flak from women’s forums and human rights activists.
PUDUCHERRY: The Puducherry government thinks covering up women will protect them from sexual predators and is leaning towards a purdah system. In a regressive move, the territorial administration on Saturday proposed redesigning school uniforms to make it mandatory for girl students to wear overcoats, the oppressive tropical heat notwithstanding. The government is also preparing to ban cell phones in schools.

The decision was taken at a meeting of education department officials chaired by school education minister T Thiagarajan on Saturday following widespread protests in the Union territory over the kidnap and rape of a Class 12 girl by a bus conductor and an engineering student on New Year’s day.

“The meeting resolved to introduce overcoats for girl students, operate special buses for them and ban mobile phones in schools. Our government is committed to ensuring safety of women, particularly girl students,” Thiagarajan told TOI.

Hope this brought in some awareness… I apologize for the loss of temper and language used in this post.
– Sathya.J


Hello dear readers….
It’s been quite some time since my last post and I hope you guys understand. I had a problem with my PC and now I am posting from my iPad .
I was really upset after the news of the death of the Delhi gang rape victim, but to make matters worse, I bumped into a shocking article on the Hindu newspaper online just now. It was yet another rape case , this time of a MINOR of 14 years…… When is all this gonna come to an end… This is just sickening that these men cannot get over their lustful desires.
The question that strikes me and I want to ask to all these men; IS THE SHORT TIME OF YOUR SO CALLED PLEASURE WORTH THE DAMAGE CAUSED TO THE GIRL’s LIFE??? ARE YOU READY TO SERVE LIFE SENTENCE IN JAIL OR A DEATH PENALTY JUST FOR FUN THAT YOU HAD.??? A person with a sane mind wouldn’t want to do such a thing . If we can’t stop the men, then we need to equip the women with safeguards. To all the girls out there, carry a can of pepper spray, it may cost quite a bit but its worth saving your life when in danger…. Today’s world is such a corrupted place and all we need to do is raise awareness, not in just a city ,state or country, we need to make it a worldwide phenomena in order to succeed…. Below is an excerpt from THE HINDU news online:

6 charged with rape of minor in Allahabad – January 06, 2013 01:46:35


Six persons have been arrested in connection with the rape of a 14-year-old girl at Subedarganj here on Wednesday.
According to Superintendent of Police (City) Shailesh Yadav, the girl was taken to a spot near the railway station by her friend, who then attempted to rape her.

They were accosted by five men, three of whom thrashed the alleged rapist, and handed him over to the police.

However, the victim alleged that two men stayed back and raped her, and then beat her up, leaving her unconscious.

The girl, with bloodstained clothes, was spotted by some locals while she was returning home.

Her medical report on Friday confirmed the rape and assault, police said, adding that she had identified the accused.

– Sathya .J ,15